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Multifaceted Agency Provides Counsel and Bipartisanship in Era Where Nation's Businesses Increasingly Vulnerable to Reputational Damage

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Crisis management experts Julie Roginsky and Chris Bastardi have joined forces to launch innovative public affairs and public relations agency, BARO Strategies. The firm's business model centers around hiring only senior public relations professionals to manage client needs from end to end.

"Clients should not go through the expensive and onerous process of onboarding a PR agency, only to have the senior consultants they thought they were hiring vanish, and be replaced by junior employees who do not yet have the experience to manage a crisis or a public relations campaign," said Ms. Roginsky. "At BARO Strategies, we believe that every project lead should have subject level expertise and experience that does not require on-the-job training."

"Regardless of meticulous planning, the unexpected quickly becomes reality, whether an emboldened regulator, a critical supply-chain interrupted by global conflict, a public health emergency, or a litigious competitor. In these moments of upheaval, a memo is not going to save you. A partner who faces the challenge head on, advocates for you relentlessly, and gets in the fight with you means everything. That commitment is at the heart of BARO Strategies," added Mr. Bastardi.

BARO Strategies is headquartered in Manhattan, with offices in San Francisco, led by Partner Kate V. Silina.

"In today's rapidly evolving media and regulatory environment, no organization is too big or too small to be at the center of a crisis or controversy and the consequences of getting it wrong can be existential," said Ms. Silina. "BARO's seasoned team has the expertise to give senior leaders the direct, data-driven, and practical advice they need to weather the most complex challenges. I'm thrilled to be a part of it." 

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